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NOTE:  The Alumni Association may take on the responsibility

for registration.  Discuss with Association.

Registration Chairman Duties

The Registration Chairman (Registrar) gets the prize for doing the most work prior to the reunion.  You are responsible to make sure everyone pays for and receives tickets to reunion events they have purchased.  
The Reunion 50 Spreadsheet below is designed for tracking registration information and is recommended for use to coincide with our central mailing list.  It is an Excel spreadsheet and the columns are already labeled.  Just download it and do a "Save As" file if you have Excel on your computer and you are good to go.  You don't have to "re-invent the wheel".  (Close any login pop-up and the form will come up.) 


Make arrangements for On-Site Registrations because there are always walk-ins.  Have some blank regisation forms and tickets available.  Make sure whoever is receiving the on-site registration form enters the information on a blank spreadsheet and the total received balances with the total items purchased. 
After the registration deadline, furnish the photographer a list by Class Year of all photos purchased through the registration forms, or the "clipped off" slips from the form.  Some people registering on-site try to pay the photographer directly instead of allowing you to collect it as they register.  Of course, if they have already registered, didn't buy a photo, then changed their mind, they should pay the photographer directly because you have already accounted for them. This always causes confusion.
Expenses include building rental, security, office supplies, food caterer, band (they usually want cash), donuts, coffee and breakfast items, paper goods, program printing, mailing expenses, photographer, etc.  You should write one check for the total amount to the photographer based on the number of photos purchased on the registration forms.  One check will go to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund for the total amount donated on the registration forms (These funds may not be used for any other purpose). Another check will go to Alumni Association for dues collected.  Finally, a check for the balance of your separate bank account (profit) will go to the "Reunion Fund" for the next year's hosting class.  This should close out your account. 
You then make a consolidated list of Income and Expenses to present at the first reunion meeting of the next year.  You may use a software program such as Quicken to easily categorize all income and expenses as they are made.  A copy of each check included in each deposit should be kept with the bank deposit receipt.  By using a copy machine, four or five checks may be copied onto one sheet and attached to the deposit receipt. . 
Make sure that the funds received from the live/silent auctions and the 50/50 are not deposited into your Reunion Bank Account.  These funds should go into your class treasury, not the Reunion Fund, unless you choose to donate it to the Scholarship Fund.  Most classes use these funds to make a class gift to the high school or their own scholarships.
We all stand ready to support your class any way possible.  If you need assistance downloading or using this information, please send an email through the "Contact Us" link on this website.  Good luck! 
Print this instruction page for future use and reference.

Reunion50 Spreadsheet Revised