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Class of 1950, "Golden 2000"

by Peggy Ray Thorne

When the classes of 1946- 1950 held their reunion the weekend of October 8-10, 1999, the class of 1950 seemed to have a single focus. They were planning ahead for the year 2000. The class will celebrate their fiftieth anniversary since graduating from Coleman High School on May 26, 1950. The theme, GOLDEN 2000, was presented by Jerry Prease, and selected by a unanimous vote. The GOLDEN 2000 celebration will be held October 20-22, 2000.

Leaders for the 1999 reunion included Ermanell Miller Penney who served as chair-person. Betty DuBois Watson assisted Mrs. Penney and provided food and decorations for the Saturday afternoon sandwich buffet held at the First National Bank. Mae Mulkey Parmer and Frances Patton Stephenson of Abilene and Pat Marshall Cantrell of Lubbock coordinated the Jewels Sale. All profits were donated to the scholarship fund. Pat was also elected as chair-person for the outreach committee which will contact the classes graduating after 1950. We will invite these younger classes to our 2000 reunion. Sue Smedley Evans and Vance Dawson are also on the Outreach Committee..

Jerry and Metta Prease provided decorations for the K-8 activities, and James Williams assisted at the registration table. Peggy Wilson Macha and Dr. Peggy Ray Thorne presented the class with a draft of a commemorative booklet which will be given to each member of the class of 1950 during the GOLDEN 2000. Dr. Thorne also presided over the class meeting and gave the class report during the noon banquet.

Because of the magnitude of the millennium, the class of 1950 will extend the usual fifty year celebration to include some very exciting activities. A $4000 gift to Coleman High School Foundation Fund will be given for scholarships honoring the last class of the seconmd millennium. The scholarship committee, headed by Dr. Jerry Moseley of Walnut Creek, California, will make the final selection of the recipients. Dr. Moseley will be assisted by the local representatives, Don Johnson and Mack Hambright, as well as James Williams of Ft. Worth, Mae Mulkey Parmer and Frances Patton Stephenson of Abilene and Perry Hector of Austin.

Fund raising for the scholarship fund is still in progress. All sales from the devotional book, LOVE CALENDAR will go to the fund. Persons who wish to purchase the book may write to Peggy Thorne, P O Box 5304, Katy, Texas 77491. The cost of the book is $10 with $1.50 for shipping. Please indicate that the purchase is for THE CHS SCHOLARSHIP FUND. The full $10 will go into the fund. If you wish to purchase a commemorative Bluecat Mug contact Frances Stephenson 2349 River Oaks Cr. Abilene, Texas79605. The mugs are $5.00 each or a set of four for $15.

A cruise honoring the class of 1950 will be open to all ex students and their families. The group will sail on December 3, 2000 to Honduras in Central America. Because of the special group rate, participants can cruise for as little as $540 on one of the best cruise lines. This price includes all food and entertainment while on board and the cabin, but it does not include taxes, tips or alcoholic beverages . Dr. Peggy Ray Thorne is chair-person for the cruise committee, assisted by Anne Fleetwood of Houston. For additional information fax Peggy at 281-347-8747 or Anne at 281-579-1037. You may call Anne at 800-699-6631 or 281-558-2799. You may e-mail Anne at [email protected] aol.com or Peggy at [email protected] Coleman residents are invited to attend this wonderful cruise which sails from Houston.

The schedule for GOLDEN 2000 will include registration, a luncheon, class pictures and visitation at the K-8 Cafeteria on Saturday, October 21st. Each class will plan their own activities for Friday, October 20.

Saturday night all classes will participate in a party at the Lucky Star Lodge, formerly the Gallery Restaurant, located next door to Boot Scooter's Club. We will share a night filled with activities including dancing to the songs from our high school days and a group sing along with an invitation going out to anyone who wants to sing solo or play their musical instruments. There will be separate room for those who prefer games and visiting.

Kenneth Kelley of Houston has been selected as chairman of the music program. With his many years as a minister of music, he brings a wealth of experience and talent. Mr. Kelley will make tapes of all our favorite songs and serve as master of ceremonies. Ex students are encouraged to let Mr. Kelley know if there is a favorite song. Write him at: 5800 Hollister, Apt. 1802, Houston, Texas 77040. He will appreciate receiving tapes, either blank or with your song already recorded, and the lyrics for your special songs. Mr Kelley will be assisted by Bill Tom Hutchinson of Beech Grove Indiana. Bill Tom may be contacted by writing:76 S. Third, Beech Grove, Indiana 46107. If you want to re-claim any tapes you send, you may do so while at the reunion. Participants are also encouraged to bring their favorite games for the game room. There are game tables set up. For most students from these classes the party will bring back memories of prom night when we had dancing and games.

As the class of 1950 moves forward we will need your help in obtaining names and addresses. First, we have lost contact with three members of the class of 1950: Bernadine Seamons Sprinkles, Geraldine Bowers Mitchell and Willeen Farris Ricks. If you have current information about these three ladies, or if you have addresses of former faculty members, mail them to Dr. Peggy Thorne, P O Box 5304, Katy, Texas 77491-5304. If you have addresses for persons graduatingafter 1950 send them to Pat Marshall Cantrell , 8214 Raleigh, Lubbock, Texas 79424. We will also appreciate receiving. any e- mail addresses.

Others leading the planning process include James Williams, who has been appointed registrar and treasurer. Meta and Jerry Preas will be in charge of decorations. The general planning committee includes Billie Horne and Jo Ann Brinson from the class of 1946, Charles Williams from the class of 1947,Vera Cross represents 1948 and Ted Crum will lead the class of 1949. Dr. Peggy Ray Thorne will represent the class of 1950 and will serve as general chair-person of the committee. The general reunion coordinators include Dr. Thorne, Sue Smedley Evans, Frances Patton Stephenson, Christine Averett Griffith, and Mr. and Mrs Jerry Preas. A planning meeting will be scheduled in the Spring of 2000. We encourage ex students to hold this date: OCTOBER 20-22, 2000!